Supra 2x10" Magic box Sub box

Toyota - 93-98 Supra 2X10" NEW 10TW3 FITMENT

Toyota - 93-98 Supra 2X10" NEW 10TW3 FITMENT

Wait is over, New 2X10" JL 10TW3 Supra Dual 10" Enclosure is now available to order with JL AUDIIO 10Tw3 Subs. 

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  • $499.95

Toyota - 93-98 Supra 2X10" NEW 10TW3 FITMENT

Wait is over, New 2X10" JL 10TW3 Supra Dual 10" Enclosure is now available to order

This enclosure is very similar to our single version, but is designed for a lot more sound. If you are looking for loud, all-around bass with quality of JL audio? this is the way to go! 

Enclosure has about 1.0 Cu Ft which is perfect for these subs.  .

KEEP YOUR TARGA TOP FULLY FUNCTIONAL, TARGA STILL FITS THE TRUNK AND YOU WILL STILL HAVE ACCESS TO YOUR SPARE TIRE. Enclosure comes covered with Black carpet matching the color of your trunk carpet. When you get our Floor we offer it is a perfect match. 

We highly recommend buying it with our Matching Trunk floor. Floor is carpeted and back side is Sound deadened fully. Superior to OEM carpet. Nice solid flexible Floor to accommodate easy removability. 

100% Fiberglass construction enclosure! Best fit enclosure for your 1993-98 SUPRA TURBO or N/A.  Copy Protected. Please allow 25-30 days for build time. 

At this time enclosure will only work with JL Audio Subwoofers, as it was designed for 10Tw3. NO OTHER SUB WILL WORK. Unless you already have these subwoofers, We recommend Buying them from us. 

If you already have 10Tw3 Subwoofers and only if you have these subwoofers we can sell the enclosure for $549.95 + Shipping. As you see buying the package is much better deal. This also eliminates any confusion on weather or not your existing subs will fit.

If you would like 10Tw3-D4 Subwoofers please let us know in the notes how you want it wired at terminal, 1 ohm or 4 Ohm. 

We offer package deals with Speakers and Amplifiers please check out our selections in our drop down menus... 

We have installed countless systems in Supras, if you want to ship us your car to get your system done feel free to call us 603-642-4222 

NOTE: Grilles are optional. We do recommend them to protect your subwoofers. Enclosure with Subs mounted will clear the Targe top without grills. But if you are using the grills they will slightly touch the center section of the Targa top. See pictures.   

    • SKU
    • Weight
      30 lbs
    • Dimensions (L x W x H)
      36 x 18 x 18 in
  • Manufacturer
    Wicked CAS
    NO SPEAKERS THANK YOU, JL AUDIO C2 650X Coaxials, JL C2 Coax For Front and Rear, HERTZ Cento 6.5" Coax, Hertz 2 Pr Front and rear coax
  • Choose Subwoofers Impedence
    NO SUBWOOFERS THANK YOU, 2X10Tw3-D8 Dual 8 Ohm for 2 Ohm at Terminal, 2X10Tw3-D4 let us know 1 or 4 ohm at Terminal
    NO AMP THANK YOU, JL XD600/1 MONO AMP, JL XD700/5 5 CH SYSTEM AMP, AUDISON PRIMA 5.600 5CH Amp, Audison MONO 1.500 500Wx1@4ohm 800Wx1@2ohm 1000wx1@1Ohm

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