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We spend a lot of time in our cars why not have it be enjoyable. There are many ways to improve your vehicles car audio, car stereo sound system, from radios, speakers, amplifiers to subwoofers. Most important think is to make sure you are choosing the right component and even more important id having them installed properly. You want the biggest bang for your money, call us and we will tailer a system around your needs.
Some common questions when it comes to car audio...
"My factory radio looks so nice, do I have to replace it to get better sound?"
"Can I just replace blown factory speakers?"
"How do I get some bass into my system?"
"Am I going to need an amplifier?"
"Can I insall it myself, or should a professional install it?"
Please call us and we will answer all your questions. 603-642-4222

Did you know All factory radios are designed to reduce your bass frequencies as you turn the Volume higher!  
In Dash Radio
Experience power, better sound, cd player, direct iPod Control, Satellite radio, HD Radio, Bluetooth Hands free
In Dash Video
Enjoy MP4, VCD, & DVD movies on the road with the excitement of surround sound
Improve your sound and bass by replacing those old speakers with new quality ones
More power, equals louder and higher quality sound. Amplifiers give that power needed to increase your music to the next level
All music has bass, so why don't you have one. A sub woofer adds warmth to the music that your factory speakers never could
Custom Installation
One of a kind custom installation to display your audio equipment, or stealth installation hiding and protecting your new investments



CALL US AT 603-642-4222

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