Heated Seats

heated-seats1Your car did not come with a Heated seat option? No worries Wicked CAS has you covered.
Now offering Heated seats for your ride. We can install Low (bottom of the eat) and High (Back of the seat) Heated seat modules for your ride.
Correctly installed into your car's seat, our Seat Heating Systems will radiate comfort and warmth, enhancing your driving experience for many years to come! Already have heater seats installed in the driver and passenger seats? We can even install our heater seat kits in the back seats as well! You have the choice of either using the switch that is include in our package or We  can even purchase and install the oem heater seat switch from your dealer.
Offered in pair or single seat. As well as back seat options.      heated-seat_2281676c
They start at $299.95 per seat for High and low.. Bottom and Back heated modules installed. Great addition to a remote car starter. We can even trigger your heated seats to come on with our Remote car starter when you start your car with our Compustar Remote car starters. Please ask for other available options.
Call us 603-642-4222 for a quote on your specific make, model, year. heatedseatkit2011


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