HD Radio In Car - Info & FAQs

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We all know what a difference a digital TV made for our viewing pleasure, why not enjoy the same for your Radio stations. It is time to upgrade HD Radio gives you the advantage of haveing a crystal clean sound via your FM and AM without any monthly subscription fees... yes It Is FREE.
More Stations
HD Radio offers more broadcasting than standard FM radio
Factory Integration
Direct integration is available for most factory radios
Aftermarket Integration
Direct integration is available for most aftermarket radios
Purchase the HD radio tuner and that is it. No subscription required.
Use Anywhere
HD Radio can be integrated to any car, home, rv, boat and even portable devices
Q. If it's not on my factory radio, how do I get it?"
A. AFTERMARKET INTEGRATIONDirect integration is available for some factory radios.

Q. "Is there a monthly service charge ?" 
A.  No Monthly Service it is Free.

Q. "If I buy a new radio, what then?"
A.  There is a majorith of New Aftermarket radios that have HD Radio built in. One of the advanages of getting a new up to date radio
Q. "Will it sound any better than my current FM radio?"
A.  Yes it will indeed. Remember what your TV looked like with analog signal.
Q. "Do I get more stations than normal FM Radio?"
A.  Yes, Some radio ststions have exclusive HD Radio channels that regular FM signal can not pick up. You will be able to enjoy these secret HD stations as well as regular FM stations.

The advancements of technology in recent years has allowed the consumer new entertainment options for their car. There was a time when having an AM/FM car stereo was considered a car audio luxury in itself. The modern consumer has acquired a taste for something more detailed in their automobile stereo system. This is how installing a High Definition or HD radio for the car comes into play.

Most everyone today is familiar with High Definition (HD) television. It's transmitted through a digital signal, locking in picture quality and clarity. An HD radio works in a similar way, thus producing a much higher quality of sound for the consumer.

In the past, analog broadcasting was the only option for listening to AM and FM radio. No doubt, this left the listener with limited options for listening pleasure. The sound itself often was peppered with crackling noises and static, and hisses and pops. With HD radio installed in the car, although the radio stations remain exactly located at the same frequency number (FM 98.1 for example), the improvements are noticeable right off the bat.

When you buy HD Radio for your car, the sound of the radio stations are more comparable to that of a CD. Besides the upgrade to a better quality of sound, there is a display window built in to the receiver. This allows for special messages, such as weather alerts and names of artists and song titles to be displayed. This informational text is possible through the HD wireless data feature that comes standard with the new system.
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